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Education Law

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Like many of our clients, your child might have complex special educational needs and, for any number of reasons, you might be struggling to access the best educational provision for them. We know that these situations can be difficult and often upsetting. You will want to be reassured that you have options and that a good solution can be found.

AD’REME Solicitors provide legal service to help parents put their case for additional assistance and for appropriate education. The child’s needs must always be paramount and come first,so we take care to work alongside their school wherever possible, to develop a partnership in the child’s best interests.

We also help children who may not have special educational needs, but are faced with other issues, such as securing a place at their chosen school, or exclusion. Whether you are educating your child at a state school or privately, we will provide you and your family with the necessary advice and support.

Although we act only for parents and families, some of our team have previously represented public sector organisations. This means we have valuable insight into how such bodies reach decisions – and how best we can challenge them on your behalf.

Ireland is notably regarded as a land of saints and scholars. In recent times, the number of international students that come into Ireland to pursue third level education has been on the increase. Not only has this provided increased revenue for Irish third level colleges, this phenomenon has also provided a boost to the Irish economy. These international students not only pay higher fees to the colleges, they also rent accommodation and spend their living income on Irish shops and businesses

In November 2013, our principal partner as part of an enterprise Ireland trade mission to Nigeria went to Lagos with representatives from Trinity College and a host of other Irish third level colleges to appeal to Nigerian Leaving Certificate students to come to Ireland to pursue their third level education

It is estimated that more than 5 million students complete the equivalent of the leaving certificate annually in Nigeria and there are not enough colleges and universities in Nigeria to absorb them yearly. If Irish colleges could admit a fraction of this number annually, one can only imagine the lift this would have on the revenue streams of these colleges and on the Irish economy

Our education law team have the experience to provide international law students from different foreign countries

· advice on how to secure appropriate third level college that best suits their educational needs

· advice on and drafting of grant applications to grant donor organisations

· advice on college admission and exclusion issues

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