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Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Immigration Law by AD'REME Solicitors

Immigration law delineates the extent (and also the limits) of States’ power over immigrants. Immigrants are, by definition, not nationals/citizens of the host country, and they stand in a different, less privileged relation to the State than nationals or citizens.

Generally Immigration law addresses such issues as who gets to be admitted to a country, who gets to reside and on what terms and conditions, who gets to remain and, ultimately, who gets to become a citizen.

Immigration Law is not uniquely a branch of domestic law, or regional law, or international law. It is a hybrid of all three legal spheres. At the domestic level, it is widely accepted that immigration control is a function (if not a defining function) of state sovereignty. It is up to each state to decide which foreign nationals it permits to enter the country and on what basis, and which foreign nationals it decides should leave the country. If an immigrant is not permitted to enter the country or is required to leave the country, the State is entitled to deport him/her.

Since 2011, we at AD’REME SOLCITORS have assisted thousands of individuals, businesses, couples and families with resolving Irish immigration issues and successfully acquiring their Irish Visa, Stamp 4 Residence permit, refugee status, Student Visa and Irish citizenship etc.

In Ireland over the past couple of years, immigration law and rules have changed to make it tougher and more complex for individuals to get Irish Visa, Residence and Work permissions, hence refusal rates rising by up to 70% in some cases.

At AD’REME Solicitors we understand the different complications which may occur when applying for a visa to Ireland, a permission to remain and work in Ireland which is why we will work with you to find the best suitable immigration option for you

We provide immigration legal services in the following areas:

  • General and Critical Skills Work Permit applications
  • Dependant/Partner/Spouse Employment Permit applications.
  • Applications under the Business Permission/Immigrant investor Scheme.
  • Advice on entry into the State, registration with GNIB and Irish residency.
  • Irish Visas (applications and appeals).
  • Long Term Residency applications.
  • EU Treaty Rights applications.
  • Spouse of Irish national / civil partnership with Irish national applications.
  • De Facto Relationship applications

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